New York Counts 2020
New York Counts 2020


New York Counts 2020 Co-Hosts ACOSA #MacroSW Twitter Chat on the 2020 Census

Students from across the country, as well as social workers and other professionals, tuned in at 9 pm EST on February 7th to participate in ACOSTA’s #MacroSW Twitter chat on the Census with guest experts, Liz OuYang and Addy Zou of New York Counts 2020.  


ACOSA is an interdisciplinary professional association grounded in the social work profession. #MacroSW is a collaboration of social workers, organizations, social work schools, and individuals working to promote macro social work practice that holds weekly Twitter chats.

OuYang and Zou answered the following questions and engaged with participant responses. There were 111 participants, 818 tweets, 7 average tweets per participant, and 843,202 impressions!

Q1: Who uses the census and for what purposes?

A1: EVERYONE! City planners, medical researchers, businesses, community-based orgs, educators, elected officials, etc rely on census data to make critical decisions for the next 10 yrs. Read more:

Q2: How will Census 2020 be markedly different from Census 2010?

A2: The census can be filled out online 2) There MAY be a citizenship question on the survey: this issue is still being litigated 3) Census Bureau funding is woefully lacking to get out the count

Q3: Which populations are historically hard-to-count and why? (Think demographics)

A3: Hard to count = Underserved low-income minority communities, children, the homeless, renters, persons with limited English proficiency, undocumented persons, American Indians on reservations

Q4: How will the census undercount impact the communities you serve?

A4: Funding for 300 federal programs are based on census data & include: SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, WIC, Head Start, Title 1 School Funding, Section 8 Housing, etc. It will impact your state’s political power in Congress.

Q5: What ideas do you have to personalize the census to your community in order to ensure they complete the census?

A5: Imagine your local school, hospital, or library closing because of an undercount. Imagine a child not receiving a vaccine during an outbreak. Or an election lost by one electoral vote. A road closed due to underfunding.

Below are sample tweets from the hour-long chat.

Elizabeth Plum