New York Counts 2020
New York Counts 2020


New York Counts 2020 Campaign for State Funding: $40 Million to Fund Non-Profit Orgs’ Efforts to GOTC

On October 29, 2018 on the steps of the historic Federal Hall, New York Counts 2020 launched its statewide campaign for $40 million from the State to fund non-profit organizations’ efforts to get out the count. Their efforts are crucial to maximize participation and avoid an undercount in 2020, stated Murad Awawdeh, Vice-President of Advocacy at the New York Immigration Coalition.  With strong support from 25 member organizations present, the $40 million ask was backed with the release of Fiscal Policy Institute’s report on the cost of community-based organizations statewide to expand its educational and outreach efforts in GOTC in 2020. U.S. Congressman Nadler and Kathyrn Wylde, President and CEO of Partnership for New York City, underscored maximizing participation as census data impacts redistricting, New York State’s political voice in Congress, New York’s economy and jobs.


After Shamier Settle, policy analyst with Fiscal Policy Institute reported the major findings of its report, Rachel Bloom, Director of Citizens Union and co-chair of New York Counts 2020 announced on March 5, 2019, a caravan of buses and vans filled with diverse community based organizations (CBO) across the state will drive to Albany to meet their legislatures.  They will convey the message that community groups are uniquely positioned to reach the hardest-to-count areas because of their earned trust and cultural and language competence and institutional connections.

To prepare for the March 5, 2019 Lobby Day, Pharein Griffith, Chair, NAACP’s Civil Engagement Committee and co-chair of New York Counts 2020 outreach and organizing committee, urged all New York State residents to complete the online petition to the Governor and New York State Legislature in support of the $40 million ask.


Lastly, New York Counts 2020 is mobilizing its members and allies to attend census forums convened by the State throughout New York State. Traveling with a contingency of supporters from Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson,  Diana Lopez, Ulster County organizer announced its plan to attend the census form in Kingston, New York, scheduled for the following day.


We want to thank the following New York Counts 2020 member organizations for coming out to show their support:  Academy of Medical and Public Health Services, African Services Committee, Arab American Association of New York, Asian American Federation, BACDYS, The Black Institute, CHHAYA, Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Citizen’s Committee of Children of New York, Darfur, Citizen’s Union, Chinese Progressive Association, Japanese American Social Services, Inc., Chinese American Planning Council, DRUM, Fiscal Policy Institute, Literacy Assistance Center, LatinoJustice-PRLDEF, MinKwon Center for Community Action, NAACP-New York Branch, New York Immigration Coalition, Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, OCA-NY, United Neighborhood Houses.

Elizabeth Plum